"Cops Are the Good Guys?"


There are some bad cops. There can be no doubt about that.

The trouble with any institution comprised of human beings is that it's comprised of human beings. Each human being is a mixed bag of good and evil — some mostly good, some, on balance, evil. This will be reflected in any group of humans, such that no large institution can totally prevent the involvement of evil people. This is simply the state of things in this world.

So, yes, there are bad cops, just as there are bad social workers, bad construction workers, bad teachers, and bad doctors. When a relatively small number of bad doctors are exposed, the public rightly calls for those doctors to be removed and punished — not for all doctors to be abolished, because doctors are important, and good doctors are amongst the best of humanity. But, when a relatively small number of police officers are exposed, many people, encouraged by the news media, which tends to highlight and amplify the negative, begin saying things like, "A.C.A.B." (all cops are bastards), and, "Defund the police." This is inconsistent, a deeply foolish overreaction, dangerously damaging to our communities, and unjust to the overwhelming majority of officers, who are amongst the best of humanity.

The Precinct believes that cops are generally the good guys, and that bad cops are rare exceptions. This belief derives from observation of more than just the narrative presented by mainstream news sources and politicians who align with them, and from the study of relevant statistics (some of which can be found in our other blog posts). 

The Precinct felt clarification was called for, since one of our slogans is, "Cops are the good guys." It's a generalization, but a necessary one, as it makes a better slogan than the entirety of what is written, above.

So, to be clear, when we say, "Cops are the good guys," we don't mean all cops (A.C.A.G.G.) — we mean good cops. And we know not every single cop is a good cop. But, most cops are good cops, and, in America, when it comes to choosing a side in the overall struggle between law enforcers and law breakers, the former is the correct choice for decent people. To put it in terms that pretty much everyone understood growing up: in the giant, ongoing, and very serious game of "Cops & Robbers", The Coffee Precinct chooses cops.


If you doubt our assertion that most cops are good cops, we recommend actively seeking out and testing the truth of some voices that present a counterpoint to the popular anti-cop narrative to which we're all often passively exposed. Here are some of The Precinct's favorites:

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